Are you fed up with the seemingly never-ending parade of Presidential candidates who neither inspire nor excite you? Are you sick and tired of always having to choose between the lesser of two evils? If so, you are in the right place.

Hello. I'm Alec West and I'm the unofficial founder of the N.O.T.A. political party ... which, itself, is an unofficial political party. "N.O.T.A." is simply an acronym for:


And, I'm urging voters like you to write in your OWN names on the Presidential ballot in November 2016. Or if you'd rather not do that, feel free to write in MY name. Like the current candidates, I'm neither inspiring nor exciting. And to be honest, I'd make a better dictator than a President. But, I am unique among candidates in that I'm just a "regular guy" - a retiree living on a fixed income with a good sense of humor. Example of my humor? Check out my opinion on the Death Penalty (and the problem of prison overcrowding).

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